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Duffy & ShellieMay Christmas Ornament Pattern

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Hi all lovely fingers! Christmas is coming very soon. Have you decorate your Christmas Tree? How about adding little Duffy and ShellieMay on it?

This is a little present from me to you........But you have to make it your own! Haha! Download the pattern here.

Things that you need before you start:

1) Scissor
2) Felts : For Duffy (light brown, dark brown, beige, black, pink, red and white)
              For ShellieMay (light pink, blue, beige, grey, pink, red and white)
3) White color ribbon and any color ribbon for the ornament loop
4) Polyfil
5) Embroidery thread
6) Fabric glue
7) Water soluble marker
8) and your fingers :)

Ok, let's start happy fingers!

Cut out the felt according to the pattern. I'm doing ShellieMay here.

Match 2 pieces of ears together. Following the purple line i drew in the picture, join the ears using whip stitch/blanket stitch. I am using matching color thread so it look less visible.

Stuff the ear with some polyfil using a sharp tool. Repeat the same process for the other ear so you complete 1 pair of ear.

Position the Mickey Mouse shape on 1 piece of the face. Secure them with a pin.

Using whip stitch, applique the mickey shape on to the face.

Glue the nose and mouth onto the muzzle using fabric glue.

Draw the shape of ShellieMay mouth using water soluble pen.

Embroider the shape of the mouth you drew earlier.

Position the muzzle on the mickey mouse shape as shown. Following the purple line i drew here, start stitching (blanket stitch/whip stitch) at the muzzle with your beige thread.

Stuff in polyfil and stitch opening closed.

This is how it looks like. You will have a slightly 3D effect on the muzzle. LOL

Cut 15cm ribbon of your choice for the ornament loop. Fold half and secure it with a pin on the back of the head.

Stitch them together as shown.

With the help of the pattern, arrange all the parts accordingly (clockwise). Secure the parts with pin if you want and start stitching from the bottom of the head stopping about an inch before you reach the other side of the head. Stuff with polyfil and continue stitching the opening closed.

NOTE: You may notice here the eyes are completed. I am so sorry that i forgotten to snap the picture of the eyes part! So so so sorry.....but if you remember the nose and mouth part, this is exactly the same technique that i use. I glue the blue color eyes and add a little white color dot on it to make it look more lively. Then, i embroider ShellieMay eyelashes with grey color thread. 

Time for the ribbon part! Cut red color felt according to the pattern. Prepare white color ribbon for this, preferable 3mm width.

Fold the red felt like shown and secure it with the white ribbon.

Stitch the ribbon on SherlieMay's head and you are done! Duffy are done using the same technique minus the eyelashes!

I hope your fingers enjoy doing this like how my finger feel. 

Happy Sewing!

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